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About the ACT

ACT is a standardized test used for college and university admissions in the U.S. It is a multiple choice and written exam administered by ACT, Inc.

The purpose of the ACT is to measure high school students' readiness for college in the areas of English, Math, Science, Reading, and Writing.

The ACT score gives high schools and universities a common data point to compare all students for recruiting, advising, placement, and retention.

The impact of the ACT score on admissions varies from school to school. In general, the higher the ACT score, the more opportunities students will have in attending top-ranked schools.

ACT Test Dates
What Are the Challenges?
Time Pressure

The ACT exam must be completed within 175 minutes (215 minutes, including Writing). The time constraint gives you little time to consider possible answers. 

Our tutors will teach you how to prioritize answering questions as quickly and correctly as possible.

Reading Passages

As if the time constraint is not tricky enough, the ACT includes long reading passages where you will need to quickly locate key information to answer comprehension questions.

We will prepare you with reading strategies to help you find the critical information to answer the challenging questions.

Math Problems

The ACT math section covers many topics in Algebra, Geometry, and Trigonometry that can be difficult for some students. You will only have, on average, 1 minute to solve every problem, so pacing is very important. Unlike the SAT, you will not be given a formula sheet.

You will practice understanding common strategies and remembering formulas to problem-solve through a range of problems correctly.

High Stress

Like other standardized tests, the ACT places a lot of stress on students because it has a considerable impact on your chances of admission to competitive colleges.

Fortunately, exam preparation can help ease your exam anxiety. We will prepare you to complete the exam in similar environments, with time constraints. You will learn to use strategies to help you accurately answer questions quickly and intentionally.

Why Study with SINICA?
  • Individualized

    Sinica's 1-on-1 tutoring program gives students an individualized learning experience that is intentionally designed to help them target their learning gaps in weak areas.

  • Experienced

    Our instructors graduated from TOP 30 universities with 10+ years of teaching experience on average. Every tutor has undergone a rigorous screening process with subject exams and mock tutoring sessions to ensure they have the academic background and abilities necessary to teach our students well.

  • Visible

    We prioritize teaching our students exam strategies while also tutoring them in their content area needs. We want students to feel confident in both their knowledge and exam-taking abilities.

  • Personal

    We value building relationships with our students to best understand their academic needs and goals, so that we can provide support that is tailored to the way they learn and understand concepts.

  • Persistent

    We understand the importance of scores on student's academic future. We are committed to helping students reach their fullest potential by ensuring higher grades and cultivating outstanding abilities.

What Makes Our Tutors Different
  • Great Learners Make
    Greater Teachers

    Our instructors were brilliant test takers and accumulated knowledge and test-taking skills. They graduated from the world's top universities with academic distinctions, and 70% of them hold a master's or even higher degree. Our elite instructors will teach you the skills they have developed over the years.

  • Qualified Competence
    through Rigorous Screening

    Every tutor has undergone a rigorous screening process with subject exams and mock tutoring sessions to ensure they have the necessary background and abilities to teach our students well. We set layers of screening to make sure that our instructors can quickly identify student's pain points and consequently personalize their teaching methods and styles to suit those different needs.

  • Nothing Are Able to
    Substitute Experience

    On average, our instructors have over 10 years of teaching experience. They have taught hundreds of students from different backgrounds and clocked thousands of hours in the online classroom. They have helped innumerable students improve their scores significantly.

Key Steps to Achieve High ACT Scores
Statistics at a Glance
  • 800+ students scored
    over 30 on the ACT
  • 90% of Sinica students
    increased 3+ points
  • 98% of students are
    satisfied with their result
  • 2000+ students see
    improvement in their ACT
    test scores
Frequently Asked Questions
  • How do I prepare for the ACT?

        Our tutors will support you through the entire ACT prep process, from test registration to test result analysis. We will help you with the following:
    —Familiarizing you with the structure and format of the test
    —Learning subject content and practicing the different types of problems you will be given on the test
    —Identifying your areas of growth and providing targeted support to address them
    —Creating a specific study plan that fits your schedule
    —Practicing test-taking strategies to ensure you are confident and ready to tackle the test

  • How is the ACT scored?

    1. Your correct answers for each section of the exam (English, Reading, Math, Science) is collected as your raw score. There are no penalties for incorrect answers.
    2. Your raw score is converted to a “scale score.” The scale score is adjusted so that it reflects the same level of performance for every ACT exam, regardless of when the exam was taken, to smooth out any differences in the level of difficulty across test dates.
    3. Each section is scored between 1 (low) to 36 (high). The composite score is the average of all your section scores, rounded to the nearest whole number.

  • What is a good score on the ACT?

    In 2022, according to ACT, the average composite score was 20.3. The averages for English were 19.5, Reading 20.9, Math 19.9, and Science 20.9.
    However, considering applying to a competitive university, you must score well above the average.
    The average ACT scores of accepted students from the top 30 US universities are between 30-35. So, you should aim for 30 or higher on the ACT to apply to more prestigious schools.

  • How important are ACT scores in college admissions?

    Most universities require results from either the ACT or the SAT. Standardized test scores often affirm other aspects of the application, like high school transcripts. It is never the case that the test score solely determines the chances of college acceptance. Colleges will consider other factors such as high school transcripts, extracurricular activities, personal statements, class rigor, and recommendation letters.

  • Should I still submit my ACT scores considering exam-optional policies?

    College admissions expects recommend almost all applicants to take the ACT or SAT exam at least once. Based on how you perform, you can then decide whether to submit your scores or not. Both exams offer the option to cancel your score if the test does not go well. If you have taken either exam more than once, some colleges may ask you to submit all your results. Experts recommend researching the scores of the accepted students for colleges you are interested in when considering whether to submit your scores.

    Test-Optional VS Test-Free

    A test-optional policy has been implemented in some universities. This means students have the choice to submit their ACT/SAT scores or not. Test-optional colleges claim that they do not view applications without standardized test scores in a negative light. However, many admissions experts suggest that submitting outstanding SAT/ACT scores can add value to a student’s application.

    A test-free or test-blind policy, implemented at far fewer universities, means students’ test scores will not be considered during the application process, even if you scored very high on the test.

  • What is the difference between ACT and SAT?

    - Offers optional Writing test
    - Scores range from 1-36
    - The test is 2 hours and 55 minutes (3 hours and 35 minutes including Writing)
    - The test costs $55 ($70 including Writing)

    - Ended optional essay and subject tests in 2021
    - Scores range from 400-1600
    - The test is 3 hours long
    - There is no independent Science section
    - The exam is $52

  • How can I benefit from ACT 1-on-1 tutoring?

    1. 1-on-1 tutoring ensures that you receive the time and attention that bring out your best. As a result, you can progress much faster.
    2. You can receive personalized and unique feedback to your learning abilities and goals.
    3. Tutoring session times are flexible and tailored to your schedule and needs.
    4. 1-on-1 tutoring is a better value for your money because every second is dedicated to working on YOU.

    We look forward to being a solid backbone in your ACT preparation.

Meet Some of Our Amazing ACT Teachers
Sapphire T.

B.S.一Smith College

Chintan S.

B.S.一University of Virginia

Helen O.

M.A.一Harvard University

Ph.D.一University of North Carolina

at Chapel Hill

Why Students Love Learning with Us?

The instructors I had with Sinica are all very patient and professional. They not only taught me skills in test-taking but also really expanded my knowledge on the subject matter.

I was able to work with the instructors whenever I encountered a problem in prepping for the ACT. They are always there for me with the most helpful solution.

Sinica provided the extra help I couldn’t get from my high school teachers. Their advice on ACT test-taking helped me profoundly improve my test score.

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